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I met Marissa in 2012 and was instantly impressed with her experience, character and extensive business acumen. As a former National Sales Trainer with peak performance coach, Tony Robbins, I was used to dealing with exceptional business people; even so, Marissa stood out as a gifted influencer and entrepreneur.


Anyone who has the good fortune to collaborate with Marissa with leave a richer person for it. I can’t say enough good things about this woman, she is definitely “one to watch”.

Sonia Stringer, San Diego

Marissa has the gift of cutting through all the extraneous fluff and getting right to what’s important, what will make us more effective, more efficient and a lot less stressed. And I love how she never teaches us from a high horse; she’s right in the messy trenches too and willing to bare all so we know she gets it. Everyone could use more Marissa in their lives. Mine is exponentially better because she’s in mine.

Romi Neustadt, Author of Get Over Your Damn Self

Marissa McDonough has been one of the biggest influences and mentors I have had in my business and I am in no way affiliated with her financially so it is to no fiscal benefit to her. She is an abundant , brilliant, business and heart-minded entrepreneur that generously coaches and pours into others with a straight forward, no nonsense and actionable approach.  I credit much of my success to following her lead and the lead of so many others she has coached to success in business. Leadership is not just telling people how to do something- it is showing them by your own example and Marissa does that every single day. 

Sarah Beyersdorf, Seattle, WA

Marissa has flawlessly guided me to my next evolution of leadership.  I have progressed to a level that not even I thought I could get to and frankly didn’t know existed so naturally in me.   The process was not only rewarding but the level of personal and professional satisfaction I felt was like perpetual forward motivation.  This perpetual motivation was like a snowball effect of goodness and progress in facets of my life I wasn’t even looking to improve.  The value of Marissa in my life has proved to be incalculable and I have loyalty beyond reason for her professional prowess and coaching.

Emily Miller, Director at TopCo, Chicago

Marissa is an incredible woman! I admire her tenacity and her heart-centered leadership.
She is always offering value and is committed to helping others achieve their goals. Marissa goes the extra mile to ensure that every person she connects with leaves with something that will help them grow their business, or themselves. She is a fabulous coach who always brings her A-game!  She’s badass and a whole lot of fun! But what I respect most about Marissa is that she puts family first. She doesn’t just talk about work-life balance, she lives it. If you are fortunate enough to work with Marissa, you are certain to reach your goals.

Pam Barnum, Canada

I've known Marissa for almost 9 years! She is a true inspiration, supporter, encourager, motivator, and dynamic speaker. She has helped my both in my personal and professional worlds and I can't speak more positively about any other person. Everyone should have Marissa in their life and I'm so thankful she is part of my circle. It is as simple as saying, I love everything about Marissa. 

Emily Piniatoglou, Michigan

After watching Marissa train on FB I was excited to hear she was coming to Calgary to do a small intimate training here! It did not disappoint! I love how real you are, you made me realize that it was all up to me and that I had the power to do great things if I was willing to do the hard stuff. It was like getting great advice from a close friend who really cared about me. Loved it and appreciate you making the trip! 

Jodi Doige, Calgary, Alberta Canada 

I loved attending the Breakthrough Bootcamp with Marissa McDonough as keynote speaker.  Her down-to-earth, humorous style of speaking was relatable, encouraging, and inspiring.  I’m so happy I made the 4 hour drive to hear her speak! 

Kim Hornbeck, Wyoming

Marissa's talk was amazing. I enjoyed how relatable she was to the audience and was well received by all. Using current and topical data really connected with the audience. Her authenticity was very refreshing. I loved how she was available before and after the talk to connect with her audience on a personal level. I've been to many talks, trainings, presentations, etc. and what I loved is how Marissa shared that there are not secrets to success, we know what we need to do. It was a great reminder!

Levi Sever

I was at the breakthrough event today in Denver and girl you spoke to my heart! I’m getting through my  list! Thanks for that confidence boost! PS- I was in the front row and I had major shoe envy. ;) 

Deidra Barlow, Kentucky 

You’re energy is so REAL and uplifting! I feel fortunate that I was able to hear your story. You left a room full of women feeling confident (& that’s not an easy thing to do). Please keep sharing your love!! 

Sheelin Weed, Colorado

I was so lucky to have been able to watch a training by Marissa early into my business. I was immediately drawn in to her authentic and real way of cutting straight to the truth. She is so easy to learn from and absolutely inspiring! I was so excited to meet her in person recently in Denver. Her keynote speech was just as inspiring and I left feeling empowered to go achieve big things myself! She is a gem!

Brenna, Colorado Springs

Marissa has such an authentic presence! I immediately felt as though she was speaking to my own successes and failures in this business, and I left feeling energized and inspired!

Laura Fessenden 

I was lucky enough to get a front row seat but even the folks in the back were captivated by Marissa's training. She was relatable and funny and inspiring and made all of us want to go out and get comfortable with being uncomfortable, fail forward and just do it! 

Katie Hawk

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