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I just hosted a leadership retreat for 40 women in Coronado, California. If you get only one thing out of this post, let it be this: if you live in a cold climate, get yourself to Coronado in January. You will thank me later!

My wonderful travel agent, Becky (check her out!), arranged for everything at the Loews on Coronado Bay. I have to tell you: the Loews gets five stars from me! Truly, this place is great. The views, cleanliness (this is huge for me), the fun bar, the food, and the customer service were all fantastic.

When hosting 40 women, you get a lot of funny quirks, from food preferences to room requests to location. Remember: I love humor! Even with all the different needs, I got 100 percent positive feedback. When does THAT ever happen? The Loews made everyone happy.

I saw many families at the resort, so this would be a great place to stay if you’re checking out Coronado with kids. Hell, the resort is even pet-friendly!

If you are going to the Loews, you can’t miss:

  • celery juice at the lobby market.

  • the Brussels sprouts served at the bar --- life changing! I’ll go back just for these! Oh, and the red sauce!

  • the bar burger. When a girl from Montana recommends a burger in California, you KNOW it’s good. Yep, they will even do it without the bun!

  • a walk to the beach.

  • the raspberry cocktail by the pool during happy hour --- heaven, especially in January!

  • the live music in the bar on Friday and Saturday --- phenomenal!

You guys: this place is super affordable, especially given the quality of the rooms. I can’t recommend it enough!


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