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The One & Only on the Hyman Islands

Do yourself a favor and Google it: check out the photos.

Nope, not Photoshopped; it is that beautiful!

The One & Only

Roger, Kolie, and I took this vacation in June of 2016. I will never forget it! It is on our list to take the big girls. There was SO MUCH that we loved about this resort, the location, and the experience. I will try to keep it brief!

  1. Even in June --- which is "winter" for Australia --- the weather was perfect. To be honest, I can't imagine their summer as I think it would be very hot!

  2. The secluded location. Yes, the name says it all: this is the ONLY resort on the island. It made for a peaceful, quiet, and relaxing experience I’ve enjoyed nowhere else.

  3. The cocktail "tree" that greets you as you walk in --- need I say more?

  4. The staff. From check-in to check-out, the staff is incredible.  

  5. The food. YUM! Even the food on the boat ride to the resort was out of this world.

  6. The beautiful views. I can't explain how many times I found myself simply sitting on the boat, on our balcony, or at the pool, just staring in amazement of the true beauty. Truly, pinch me!

  7. The beach sand itself is soft, beautiful, and was perfect for Kolie’s play time. Kolie was only six months old and she did great on our trip! Yep, we took a six-month-old across the world!

  8. The rooms were clean, spacious, and offered great views. When they tell you to keep the doors closed, make sure you do! The birds on the island are some of the craziest I have ever witnessed! We heard a lot of funny stories from friends at the resort who weren't so smart with their doors.

  9. When visiting the Hyman Islands, stop in Sydney for a few days. Make sure to visit the zoo --- such a great location! We stayed at the Four Seasons right across from the famous Sydney Opera House. It was a perfect location for walking everywhere!

Take the kids!

Have you stayed at a One & Only resort? I think it might just be my favorite resort!


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