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Live from the laundry room calendar

Are you old school like me --- paper planner rather than a phone or online calendar? Do you struggle to find the RIGHT one to fit everything, keep you organized, and stay on track? I hear you! For years, I tried every planner on the market and I couldn't find the perfect fit. So I created one: it is simple, thin, focused, and to-the-point. I carry mine EVERYWHERE I go.


I worked on this for years: determining what would keep me organized and then, finding the right team to make it happen. Like everything I do, I worked with a team of small business ladies to make this happen (you know, between being a taxi service and a t-ball coach!).  


I would love to offer this tool to YOU. All money generated will pay the team, including expenses and supplies. Remaining proceeds will be donated to a charity focused on helping children fight cancer. I call that a win-win.


Here you go....

2020 Calendar

  • You may pick up your calendar or have it shipped.  Shipping costs $5. 

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