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4 Simple Steps to Success

Want to build your foundation of success? All you need are a few simple steps. Know this: your success is not about you. Say that out loud: “My success is not about me.”

Success in business and in life is all about other people. Nobody, and I mean nobody, is successful alone. I could list so many people who helped me on my road to success: Rog, Olivia, Gabrielle, Kolie, my parents, Romi, and many others.

I believe that true success in life means that you are as equally satisfied with your income and  with your life. Isn't that what we are all going for here?! Let's be honest, it is f*$king hard! But, I do believe that if you take a few simple steps every, single day you will get there!  

  1. Show up!

  2. Add value!

  3. Care!

  4. Be a connector!

Isn't this what life is all about? Show up for others, do the hard shit first, always lend a helping hand, and practice the fundamentals of your business.

Add value everywhere you can: volunteer, coach, speak, write, open a door, lend a smile, pick up the phone. Don't fill the air with white noise: truly add value to others every day and look for the opportunity to add value.  

Care. It is as simple as caring about the success of others more than you care about your own. Your success will come if you care enough to help everyone else get their piece of success. Put others first and always do the right thing, even when it is hard. Walk their dog, shovel their sidewalk, mow their lawn, cook them dinner, cover their meeting: care for people!

Connect people. Who can you help? Who can you recommend? My web designer is the absolute best and I want to connect her to everyone who needs a website. That is how we help others grow. Recommend that coffee shop, hotel, or restaurant. Connect people at every opportunity you get. The power of a referral is the most important way we can help each other in building our businesses.

My challenge to you today is to simply do these four simple steps every single day for one year, no excuses/ Watch how much further you are on YOUR path to success.  


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