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I’m not a “political” person

I’m not a “political” person. It doesn’t belong on my social media pages or my website is a rule I try to follow, simply for myself.

I’ve been called a “Butte Democrat” 🤣 I’m damn proud to be a Butte girl, but I wouldn’t describe myself as a Butte Democrat, or a democrat. Far from it actually.

I also wouldn’t describe myself as a “Bozeman Republican”, that I’ve also been called.

I’m not a fan of Trump. I’m not a fan of Biden. I’m not a fan of Hillary. We should be embarrassed that these have been our choices….but shit, who would want this dumpster fire? 🤢

Here is who I am….

I’m not a rule follower. Like ever. Never have been.

I’m a BIG fan of choice. For everyone. You have NO idea what is going on with others. And it’s none of your damn business.

I hate masks. I just can’t.

You are testing me for a virus to come into my own country to go home, while we are letting in MANY who aren’t from here and not testing them?! Wtf? Hard pass on that one. (Yes, I know this just changed.)

I’m a fan of minding my own damn business, and letting you do what’s right for you, and I’ll do the same, as long as your choices aren’t hurting others.

I believe in gun rights. We have guns, probably a lot of them compared to most. Liv is a mean shot and I feel real good about that. 😉

I also believe in background checks and making sure we are doing a much better job at the access of guns for those who don’t respect them.

I would be a supporter of an armed guard at all of my girls schools. 💯

I’m not going to pay off your debt, just like I’d never expect anyone to ever pay off mine. I’ve worked my ass off these past 19 years to get to where I am at.

My tax beliefs are conservative. Just ask my poor accountant. 😳

I believe we should take care of the kids we have in this country. We are failing them.

I also believe in helping out other countries during a crisis. 🇺🇦

I believe that when men try to control women, shits about to get real. 🤬

Mental health is a serious problem and it’s only going to get worse if we don’t all stop being so damn divided & labeling each other.

I also believe that Montana is full, you can visit but please for the love of my sanity go home. 😬🤪🙋🏻‍♀️🤣

I’m a mom, a business owner, a Montanan that’s so damn sick and tired of all the shit. No need to debate, just know that we aren’t all so divided like we are all being lead to believe.


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