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To the Mom of Littles

I have a message for you – one I heard when I was in your shoes. I listened, I took it to heart, and I am SO damn thankful for the advice of others who paved the path before me.

When Olivia, who is now 14, was born, I moved my office to my house. I knew I wanted to be home and not miss a thing, but I also knew that I wanted to work. I love to work and I love to chase goals. Let's face it: I need something to focus on and I like to use my brain to grow and help others in addition to raising my girls.

When Gabi, who is now 12, had just turned one, I started my second business from home alongside my very successful real estate career. I worked my businesses from home, with no daycare, when the girls napped and when they went to bed at night. I didn't make sacrifices; I made exchanges.

Don't kid yourself: I had help! When Olivia was born, I hired a house cleaner – best money I ever spent! The time I would been cleaning was spent either with the girls or on my businesses. My time was worth more to me than the money I invested in our family by hiring a house cleaner. And if you have followed along, you know that Rog has always been a BIG help!

In the past two years, Rog and I launched four new companies. The girls are now 14, 12, and 5. What I didn't realize is how BUSY this season would get. We are busier now than we have ever been. And if I am honest, it is so much FUN and I don't want to miss a minute of it! I can't tell you how THANKFUL I am that I built my businesses from home while my girls were little. It wasn't easy; we made many exchanges, but it was worth it! I have spent the last 12 years working on professional and personal development, coaching others, and speaking. Now, I am able to take those skills and coach and teach my girls at such a special time in their lives.

If you have littles, I'm not here to tell you how fast it goes and how you need to enjoy it: you already know that! What I am here to tell you is this: dig in and build it now, because later, you will need that time freedom and flexibility more than you can ever imagine. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it!

I'd love to hear from you: how can I help you build it now?


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