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1. Is a ladies’ man: he has more girlfriends than any single guy I know --- the swimming instructor, soccer moms, teachers, etc., all LOVE Rog

2. Would give anyone the shirt off his back

3. Is now my parents’ favorite, far beyond me

4. Rode the bus to school in kindergarten and was afraid of the kids: he cried because he’d never been around anyone other than cows on the ranch

5. Ran track in high school and holds many Montana state records

6. Is a "girl-dad" and wouldn't have it any other way: no, he doesn’t want to "try for a boy"

7. Is loyal (to a fault)

8. Is the best damn general contractor in the United States: just ask my dad; he tells everyone

9. Is 12 years older than me: (I'm just really mature for my age!)

10. Warms my bed, every night, with a rice pack:  ladies, get in line!

11. Loves to spoil and give gifts: I've banned him from the local jewelry stores

12. Truly is the BEST father I’ve ever witnessed

I'm fortunate to have Rog and the girls are even more fortunate. No guy stands a chance measuring up to their daddy. Their standards are set HIGH for how a guy should take care of his girl. Nobody works harder, goes faster, or loves more than Rog.


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