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FEAR: everyone has it; very few know how to master it.

I'm sure you’ve seen this helpful acronym:

FEAR is:

  • False

  • Evidence

  • Appearing

  • Real

Yes! Fear is FALSE, not real. Let that sink in.

Okay, so how do we deal with fear?

First, what is it? Fear is simply a LIE your brain tells to keep you safe and trapped in your comfort zone in order to "protect” you. Fear is simply an emotion. Remember the blog post: Remove the Emotion? Simply replace emotion with fear and you have the steps to conquer your fears.

Everyone feels fear. Your job is to move forward, in fear, to conquer fear. Take one step at a time and suddenly, you’ll realize that fear is nothing more than an emotion that YOU can control.

What are you afraid of? Rejection? That is your ego talking. What others think of you? Do they pay your bills? Nope! The social media post? People aren't worried about you and what you’re doing; they’re too busy worrying about themselves! That you will fail? We all fail; you just fail forward!

What if you could learn to use fear as a MOTIVATOR? Here’s how:

  1. Don't get lost in your mind. Once you hear fear creeping in, STOP it and move into action. Five, four, three, two , one, and GO!

  2. Reframe it. Am I really in danger? What is the worst that could happen? What could go RIGHT? What could I learn from this?

  3. Get real with yourself. How will I feel if I don't take action? How will I feel if I DO take action? Remember, I am a big fan of action goals, not results-oriented goals.

  4. Go back to Step One. GO, take action, and remember: REMOVE THE EMOTION. Read that blog post here.

Every time I took action when I felt fear, I learned, I gained, and I grew. My biggest successes and largest wins always came from the situations where I felt the most fear.

Make the call.

Attend the event.

Put yourself out there.

Say yes; figure it out later.

Make the post.

And always tell fear to F-off!


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