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Are you a classic under earner?

Are you a classic under-earner? Do you settle for less pay than you are worth? Are you paid less than your ability? Do you know that you are worth more?

One in three people are classified as an under-earner and most of those are women. It is important for me to clarify that I’m not here to fight the wage gap battle between men and women. I am here to help YOU earn what you deserve whether you’re a man or a woman. Bottom line: you are the one allowing yourself to earn less than you deserve and that needs to stop, now.

We all know the person who works multiple jobs: cleans, cooks, does hair, waits tables, works retail. Maybe that person is you? Those people have the energy and the ambition to earn SO much more money but they are stuck in their own way, thinking they will never get ahead. They are working HARD, not SMART.

You must learn to earn and expect what you are worth. No more settling for under-earning. In order to do that, you must recognize the nine traits of an under-earner and get ready to make change.

  1. They have a high tolerance for low pay. Simply put: they allow it.

  2. They underestimate their self-worth.

  3. They are willing to work for free.

  4. They don't know how to negotiate or they refuse to negotiate.  

  5. They think poorly of people with money.

  6. They self-sabotage when it comes to money.

  7. They put others’ needs in front of their own.

  8. They live in financial chaos: too much debt and no handle on their financial world.

  9. They are scattered, distracted, and unfocused.

If you can circle more than two of the characteristics on this list, you have work to do. You know you are capable of more. You deserve more. The only person who can make that happen is YOU!

If you are a woman reading this, please go get the book The Secrets of Six Figure Women.

Get going!


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