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Ask the Question

To develop your success, you need to ask yourself one, simple question, ALL THE TIME:

How can I?

How can I get those results?

How can I attend that meeting?

How can I earn the sale?

How can I learn from this mistake?

How can I be more coachable?

How can I be comfortable with being uncomfortable?

You get the drift!

So many people look at the success of others and fail to even ask themselves how can I do that; instead, they immediately think they can't. Or, that success is not for them. Or, the other person is lucky? Has more time or more resources?

When you adjust your mindset and change the conversation in your head, amazing things happen.You see the steps required to experience results, get a seat at the table, make a sale, develop a business, or become more coachable. You know that it is all up to YOU: your success, your failure, your attitude, and your excuses.

I challenge you today to constantly ask the question, both in your mind as well as out loud: HOW CAN I? I promise if you put this into practice and remain consistent, your outlook and results will change. Remember: success doesn't happen overnight. Make the commitment to yourself to ask this question going forward because we never stop learning or growing.


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