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Building Your Personal Brand

Nothing is more important to you as a business owner than building your personal brand.

What do you stand for? When someone hears your name, what do they think? What do they say?

What is a personal brand? Your personal brand is the practice of marketing yourself. Your personal brand is an ongoing process of establishing your image and then perfecting the impression you make on others.

So, how do you build your personal brand?

  1. Decide exactly what your brand is. It must be true to you and absolutely, 100 percent, authentically YOU.

  2. Show up, constantly and consistently: online, at meetings, while networking, and by participating in your community. You must lead by example day-in and day-out. People are always watching.

  3. Listen and build trust. Always, and I mean always, do the right thing regardless of how hard it may be. Strive daily to listen more and meet the needs of others.

  4. Provide superior customer service. Your customer is always right and you need to EARN their business. Write thank you notes. Give your customers an experience that sets you apart from others. Think about the best customer service you ever received and aim to beat it, daily, for every customer.

  5. Stand out. When is your customer appreciation event or sale? Do you host special events? Don't be like everyone else. I love to shower my customers with appreciation around Thanksgiving so I don't get lost in the shuffle of the holidays a month later.

  6. Go the extra mile: work late, deliver what you promised, make the call, etc. When you go further than anyone else, you will always get the business and the customer won't forget you or the experience you provided.

  7. Be authentic. You will never be successful being anyone other than your true self. Own it, embrace it, and love it. True success is found in authenticity.

  8. Be the hardest worker in the room, always. Teach your tribe the same. Surround yourself with the DO-ers, not the SAY-ers.

  9. Find your voice. Once you know what you stand for, share it with the world. The more you share, the larger your influence.

  10. Own it. Stick with it.Consistency is key when building your brand. Building your brand requires YEARS of hard work. You must be committed, day-in and day-out.

I can’t wait to see your brand!

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