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Coaching vs Cheerleading

Do you NEED a coach or are you wishing for a cheerleader? Notice I said need, not want!

A cheerleader is someone who cheers, dances, and rallies the crowd behind a team. 

There is no definition for cheerleading in the workplace!

What is coaching, then? Coaching means to train, instruct, teach, prompt, or encourage. Coaching is the process of equipping team members with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities needed to fully develop and be effective in their commitment to themselves, the company, and their work. True coaching improves individuals, heightens organizational resiliency, and leads to effective change. 

Are you a coach? If so, you need to know a few things about your player:

  1. What are their strengths?

  2. What are their weaknesses?

  3. What motivates them?

  4. Are they coachable?

  5. Are they a team player? 

Effective coaching begins when:

  1. You set the stage for how things will work

  2. You focus on fundamental actions and results 

  3. You refuse to be a therapist: no complaining, only solutions.  

  4. You lead by example.

  5. You tell them what they NEED to hear, not what they WANT to hear. 

You do a complete disservice to your players if you are simply a cheerleader. Their partner, parents, kids, or cross-line business partners can cheer for them. The greatest gift we give our team members is the blueprint for time freedom, flexibility, income, personal development, and professional growth. 

So let's hear it: are you a coach or a cheerleader? 


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