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Gabrielle Kate


1. Is 9: in 4th grade

2. Loves fashion

3. Looks just like her daddy, acts more like her mama

4. Loves to have fun: #FOMO

5. Her best friend is her Papa (my dad)

6. LOVES to waterski and surf

7. Likes to go fast: she gets that from her dad, no matter what she is doing

8. Academics come naturally to her: she would rather make art or play at recess

9. She tried soccer; it's not for her: not nearly social enough for her taste

10. Will challenge anyone on anything

11. LOVES her daddy (fiercely)

12. Is giving her mama grey hairs (and enjoying it)

Gabi is FUN: she’s always up for anything and won't miss a thing if left up to her. Gabi loves her baby sister and her teacher at school. She always looks for the next fun adventure. Her laugh is contagious. Gabi challenges and tests us; it is a birth order thing --- right?! Gabi doesn't take shit from anyone and I know she will be a great leader.  


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