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At What Cost?

This is a question one must ask constantly when choosing one option over another. In business, I am always asking my clients: at what cost? For example: at what cost do you stay in a job you aren’t crazy about? At what cost do you choose to put yourself and your entrepreneurial dreams first?

I hear it all the time: I can't quit. I can't walk away. I have to do both. Ok, great, but have you asked yourself at what cost? This question is powerful and will help you realize that you’re not often making the right choice for yourself. Too often, we make our choices based on others and their opinions. When you look through the lens of "at what cost," you will see very clearly what it costs you to make that decision. What you are giving up to stay or to go?

I recently worked with a client who chose her kids’ demands during work hours and her husband's requests during work hours, all while trying to do a typical day job and launching a new business. She was tired, overwhelmed, unhealthy, and couldn't figure out why she couldn't pull it together. Sound familiar? I taught her to look at everything – every single thing – and ask herself:

*At what cost do I get up and make breakfast for her now? (Hello! Make a meal plan, have it ready, and teach your kids how to cook).

*At what cost do I stop what I’m doing and complete the overdue paperwork that my husband should have done?

*At what cost do I remain in my day job instead of going all-in on myself and my own company?

*At what cost do I keep hitting the snooze button?

You get the idea. Put this into practice and right away, it will become crystal clear what your decisions cost you and what needs to change.

Here’s some areas of your life that can be simplified by asking at what cost:

*meal planning


*family calendar


*movement and exercise

I'd love to hear how this one question cleared up the mud for you!


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