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I could go on for hours about the NUMBER ONE tool for success or failure in life and business: mindset. (I'll do my best to keep it short.)

Every time I heard this topic prior to seven years ago, I would tune it out --- yeah, yeah, yeah... let's get on with it.

Don't be me, seven years ago. Stop. Listen. Open your mind. Learn from my mistakes --- hell, I’ve made more than most!

If you want to be successful at anything --- parenting, relationships, business, nutrition, fitness, whatever it is --- you MUST work on your mindset every, single day. Yes, every day. Like showering and sleeping, you must work on your mind every day to see effective change.

I know the excuses: you are busy; you don't have time; you will get to it next week. STOP the BS. This is where you CHANGE YOUR GAME so you WILL be successful. I don't speak, write, or coach about wanting to be successful, I focus on how you will be successful.  If you are unwilling to take time each day to work on what is going on between your ears, you won't succeed, period. Let that soak in.

It’s easy to fit this VITAL piece of the success puzzle into your busy life. You must make time, first thing in the morning, for your mindset work so that you are unshakable for the rest of the day. Fifteen minutes can set your mind for a successful day.

What if you simply turned off the music when you are getting ready in the morning and instead filled your mind with the good stuff? What if every time you’re behind the wheel listened to a podcast or an audiobook? (Trust me, you will be looking for opportunities to "take a drive.”) What if you set your alarm 15 minutes earlier and actually read a book? (Yes, the thing with pages --- do you even remember what a book feels like? Smells like?)

You get the drift --- I enjoy a little sarcasm in my day.

You have the time. We all do. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. It is up to you: are you going to choose to take action OR let excuses hold you back from success?

My challenge for you this year: choose mindset as one of your top three priorities, every single day.

Who's with me?


Audio books (my personal fav!)

A good old school book


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