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Morning Routine

I'm not a morning person; nope, not one bit. In the last few years I’ve fought it, but the truth is, I do much better work at night. I'm a night-owl! Anyone else?

You know the statistics and read the books: get up early, make your bed, run, do all the things before the sun appears. It’s not for me! I've managed to be successful while not being a morning person and I’m good with that!

Rather than forcing a routine that doesn’t work for me, I decided to create one that would help me flourish, and I think I’ve found it. (Who am I kidding? I'm always learning, adjusting, reading, and trying out new things.)

But for now, this is my jam and I’m sharing it with you.

Let’s start here: it is SO true that you must do the hard things first, otherwise they won't happen.  This is non-negotiable! My girls are 3, 9, and 11. This is what works well for me, at this stage.

First, I pop in my earphones and turn on a book. I listen to personal and professional development books, autobiographies (I’m a junkie for a self-told story!), or a podcast.

I DO NOT check email, social media, the news, etc. NOTHING but my mindset game first thing in the morning. This starts my day with success and ensures I’m on the right track.  

If there’s a load of dishes to load or unload, I do this while listening and growing. Then, I go to the laundry room, if there’s clothes to wash or fold. If I can clean the dishes and the laundry in a quick ten minutes while getting my mind set, I won't be worried about what is waiting later that day. I don't know about you, but I swear those dishes and laundry talk to me if they are just sitting there.

Next, I sit down at my desk, with my warm tea (yes, I'm 80). I don't drink coffee and I live in Montana, so I need something to keep me warm. At my desk, I write my daily gratitudes, often while listening to my book or podcast. Once my gratitudes are written, I share them with my accountability group (learn more here Then, I start my work day.

This quick 20-minute routine is perfect for me. My mind is set, I'm mentally unstoppable, the dishes and laundry aren't distracting me, and I've completed my gratitude practice.  

I’m a big fan of routine and repetition. If you struggle to fit it all in while working from home, I challenge you to give this routine a try. Remember, I believe you must practice a routine every day for one year to decide if it really works for you. No one week or one month BS: commit and make it happen!  

I'd love to hear from you: what’s your routine AND what have you learned that can help others?


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