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New Year Kick off with Kids

I give all the credit for this article to Maria Shriver for sharing this idea on Today.  

At the beginning of the new year, sit down with your kids and ask them three questions:

1. What was your favorite memory in the last year?

2. Did you feel supported in the last year?

3. How could I/we do better to support you this year?

You guys, this is POWERFUL. Rog and I had this conversation with our kids when we returned from our holiday trip to Maui. It was so eye-opening. This will definitely be our ritual each year. I was so surprised to hear what the girls remembered, how they felt about the year, and I have to tell you, my heart swelled a little more than usual with pride for these awesome humans.  

Olivia and Gabi both loved the Disney cruise we took in March (more on that in a travel post soon!). They both felt supported and didn't think we could do better. Here’s what I LOVED: we took the conversation a step further and asked them how they felt supported.

Gabi shared that when she had an accident and cut off the tip of her finger (YEP, OUCH!), how we helped and cared for her. She also said, "Mom, I love how you fight for us and what we need.” We are their advocates and I love to know she sees that: her words made me so happy!

Olivia shared that transitioning to middle school was "easy" because she felt supported and that she became a better surfer this summer with our coaching.

Isn't this what life is all about?! I encourage you to ask your kids. You will learn a lot!

Thank you Maria: I'm a big fan of your lessons.


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