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Opportunities Lead to Success

Grab a pen. This is the best business advice I’ve received:

If “it”, meaning an opportunity, feels outside your comfort zone, then GO, DO, and TAKE ACTION.

It’s as simple as asking yourself two questions: Does this decision make me feel uncomfortable? If so, why?

Let me walk through some times when I took advantage of an opportunity that lead me to success. I’m not done growing. I can add value because I have a lot of grit. There are people who’ve gone faster than me, have experienced more success than me, etc. I bring experience, tenacity, and grit to the table. I refuse to play the comparison game; however, I choose to learn from others and always surround myself with people more successful than me.

Take a chance on opportunities; you won’t regret it! Here’s ten moments where stepping up paid off for me:

1. Switching high schools. The high school my whole family attended was not the right fit for me; it was holding me back. My gut told me I needed to switch schools. I transferred without telling my dad. (Don’t worry; we came clean a couple weeks later!). The switch was the best decision for my education.

2. Moving for college. My mom taught at the college in my hometown; my brothers attended that school. However, I knew I needed to spread my wings, leave town, and grow up. Best move to date!

3. Becoming a real estate entrepreneur at 22. Punching a time clock is NOT for me. I’ve never done it and I’ve never worked for someone else. I’m happy to say I’m the most UNemployable person you’ll ever meet!

4. Marrying a guy 12 years older than me. I was 25. Most people thought we were crazy. Hell, we probably were! Here we are, though, 12 years later, killing it and pretty damn happy in our life together.

5. Supporting Rog in a career transition back to Montana. Rog worked for a company out-of-state for over 12 years, was wildly successful, and had built an amazing portfolio. But he knew he wanted to BE home --- no more travel. Rog took a big step back 13 years ago; now his business is nearly three times as large as it was --- no travel, lots of success.

6. Buying into a real estate firm at 26: with an 18-month old baby, and another on the way. Yep, I was that crazy. But that opportunity was not going to present itself again. I knew I had to jump in and figure it out later. This decision was the best of my real estate career.

7. Starting a second business --- in direct sales. Yep, I did that, too. This was my best career move to-date. Get the facts and understand the industry and its opportunities.

8. Selling my partnership at the firm. After two years in direct sales, I sold my real estate shares, walking away from a successful career to focus on building my business. People thought I was crazy. They still do. I haven’t looked back. I’ve never been happier or more successful.

9. Earning the Rising Star Award  in 2011. I won this award after one year in business. The direct sales world was unknown to me; I faced a steep learning curve. But guess what? My business took off after this recognition.

10. Serving as a Leadership Advisory Board member. How did a girl with zero experience in direct sales or skincare land on the board? That leadership position felt uncomfortable at times; I often wondered if I belonged in that seat. But I knew that leaning in would propel me to more success. I was right.

I think you get the picture. With every decision you face, you must ask yourself: am I uncomfortable? Will I grow? Will I learn? Will I fail forward?

Each little step outside your comfort zone leads to the next BIG opportunity. Start small. Take chances. Go to the networking event. Be brave and honest on social media. Reach out to a dream business partner.

I’ll be frank with you: if you are not taking advantage of opportunities in your path and working your ass off, you are silly.

Remember: if “it”, meaning an opportunity, feels outside your comfort zone, then GO, DO, and TAKE ACTION.

What will you do?


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