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Our Lake Place

Over ten years ago, we got serious about finding a lake place. We started saving, searching, and dreaming about one day having a home on the water. We didn’t want anything fancy; we wanted clean, fun, and close proximity to the water.

Ten years ago, we spent our first day on Hauser Lake in Montana. We’d spent many days on different lakes around Montana and suddenly, we knew we’d found the lake we loved. We knew one day we wanted to end up on Hauser. We were so fortunate to be invited to Hauser from my real estate business partner, mentor, and friend, Donna. Donna had a love for children. I told Donna after that trip ten years ago to keep her eyes and ears open for us. We knew we wanted to buy on Hauser. She did, like any great friend would, but nothing worked out.

Four years ago, Donna called. She’d been battling cancer and knew her time was limited. Long story short, she offered her dream home to us. She wanted a family to grow up there. She wanted children to enjoy the lake. She wanted someone she knew to live out the dream she was being robbed of. WOW, how powerful is that? I'm not going to lie: it was a tough phone call. Can you imagine how tough that call was to make? But that was Donna: amazing, strong, and inspiring.

So, here we are. The last day I saw Donna alive was the day Kolie Ann was born. I walked to the cancer center right before she was delivered. We had a great chat, a big hug, and that was it. We purchased the home just a few months later from her dear husband, Don.  

This home represents so much for all of us. I'll never take a day for granted, here or anywhere. I hope to grow old here, watch our family grow, and I won't wait until retirement, because we only have today.  

We love you, Donna, and think of you daily. Thank you.  


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