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When building a business, you need to understand that you can't do it all alone. And you shouldn't, or you will not be able to scale and build to your potential. You must hone in on the one (maybe two) things that come naturally to you. No more than two! Let's get real: we aren't meant to be really good at a lot of things. The most successful people in the world know what they are good at; they focus on those things and outsource the rest!

Once you know your focus, make a list of all the other things that need to happen in your business life, as well as in your personal life, and outsource them!

Let me give you a few examples. When I walked through this exercise, I quickly realized that my strengths are networking, bringing people together, making sales, and coaching. I am not good at cheerleading, being a therapist, listening to others’ problems, taking excuses, etc. So I made a to-do list and hired help.

Here’s what I outsourced:

  • Graphics: I am terrible at them!

  • Administrative work: think busy-work, spreadsheets, tracking, etc.

  • Cards: yep, birthday, anniversary, thank you, etc.

  • Instagram: I knew Facebook; I didn't know Instagram. Guess what? There are people out there who can do it better, faster, and more efficiently than I can.

  • Folding laundry: yep, I hired my housekeeper for two days every week to fold all of it and put it away. The best $25 I’ve ever spent!

  • Web developer.

  • Copy editor.

You get the point. Focus on what you are good at and and become obsessive with those one or two things. Get really good at delegating the rest. Now, I know a lot of you are thinking: I can't afford to do this OR I don't know who to hire. Guess what? YOU CAN'T afford NOT to do this!


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