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Playing Small

I often hear the following: “I don’t have a story to share. I have a blessed life. I had a great childhood.”

Each of those statements is an excuse to hold back. Those people don’t share their truth, write the book, go for more. They play small because they don’t believe people will relate to them OR they believe they don’t deserve more OR they believe they should settle with what they have.

I call bullshit on ALL of it.

You know what? I had a great childhood. I am blessed with wonderful parents. We had everything we needed. We didn’t have a lot of extras, but we were never in want. I am extremely blessed to be married to the greatest man on the planet (check out my essay about Rog). We have three healthy, strong, beautiful, and funny daughters.

I REFUSE to play small because of my wonderful life and my beautiful family. A tragedy is NOT required for you to live big. You DO NOT have to come from nothing, lack education, or suffer from abuse in order to share your story. I truly believe it is our job to SHOW, not tell, our children that it is up to them to create a life they want. We must show them how to reach for the stars. I want my girls to know they can create an amazing life, far beyond my wildest dreams for them, far better than the life we provided for them. Don’t we all want our children to be MORE successful and happier than ourselves? YES!

If you are playing small, you are teaching your children that it is okay to play small. I say shame on you. Step up; do the things you want to do. Share your story, share your truth, and be authentic. Along the way you might inspire, motivate, lift up, and encourage a lot of people. You may push a person past their tragedy. You will show people to live large. You will help people realize that playing small serves no one.

Playing small is a tragedy. Don’t let playing small be your story.


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