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If you’ve been following along, you know I have three daughters, ages 11, 9, and 3. Ours is a “no-sleepover” house. Growing up, I thought my mom and aunts were crazy and completely paranoid when they wouldn’t allow sleepovers. But now, as a mom myself, I get it. I’m proud of the decision we made. The world is completely different now than when I was a kid.

Our girls know the rule; we have talked with them, very openly, and 90 percent of the time, they are 100 percent on board. Rog and I believe in communicating and telling the truth --- not to scare them, but to keep them out of the dark. Because we’re open with them, they understand and appreciate our decision. And let’s be honest: even if they didn’t appreciate our decision, it wouldn’t change the way I feel! They will get it later in life!

Don’t get me wrong: our girls enjoy time with visitors at the lake ---- when their friends’ parents are with them, in our home. My girls love nothing more than a night or two in Butte with Grandma and Papa, but that is as far as it goes.

Here’s what I never expected: the peer pressure I’d receive from other parents.

“She must be your oldest; this will change.”

Yeah. This crap started right around third grade with my oldest. She wasn’t being pressured --- I was.

I’m nothing if not real, and I’m being real here: nothing good happens after 10 PM. We all know there is NO sleep happening at sleepovers, which means the next day is a nightmare. NO thanks. My family time is precious. I don’t need that drama. In our world of social media, cell phones, older siblings, and more, we truly have no idea what is going on if our kids aren’t home with us.

Please hear me: I’m not here to pass judgment if your kids are having sleepovers OR if you’re a no-sleepover family like ours. The point of my message is this: if you are a no-sleepover home, you are NOT alone and you DO NOT need to feel the pressure to cave on your choice.

Just tell your kids: “my friend Marissa doesn’t let her kids have sleepovers!”

I’ve got you, girl!


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