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Stop Comparing

I’m going to say it: Stop fu*&ing comparing your journey to another person’s path! You are on your own damn way!

We need to agree to stop the comparisons. First, you are never comparing apples to apples. You get that, right?! And, you never know what goes on behind the scenes. We often get very good at comparing our own shitshow to the highlight real of someone else.

You need to believe one thing: your journey is your journey. Period; that is it. Want it to go faster? Work harder, smarter, ask questions, and do your time.

Listen, the principles of success are universal. We all understand that, right?! It is the path that is unique to you. It is truly your own.

Focus on what you can control and stop focusing on shit that doesn't matter. Truly, I don't care how fast, how much, or how different anyone else is going, doing, or seeing unless I can simply learn from them, apply that skill, and get back on my own path.  

Focus on these principles of success:

  1. Preparation.

  2. Finding your passion: Do something you truly LOVE.

  3. Movement.

  4. Massive action. Focus on the massive. Most people compare their game of little action to the game of someone who exerts massive action.

  5. Dream big. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

  6. Have a vision.

  7. Set goals. SMART goals.

  8. Use affirmations!  Yep, I said it. It works --- so stop rolling your eyes and get to work! Parents, make sure you teach affirmations to your kids. They are game changers.

  9. Practice gratitude, daily.

  10. Keep good company. Who are the people surrounding you?

If you focus on these 10 principles, you won't have time to compare your journey to that of anyone else. Remember, this is all up to YOU and it is your journey.

P.S.: someone is busy comparing themselves to your highlight reel.


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