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Summer Chore List

Summer Chores

For the fourth year, my three girls and I will move to our lake home for the summer. No, we don't go home, and yes, I cherish every single day. These are the days I dreamed of for years and I will soak in every one I get with my girls.

Yes, I work my businesses; the life of flexibility and time freedom is a beautiful thing. Here’s the wonderful truth: that freedom is out there for everyone; you only have to be willing to go get it. Put in the work and play the long game. It doesn't happen overnight.

One question I’m asked often is how I handle business, the girls, and company AND stay on top of it all. It is simple: we all pitch in.

One very popular topic is a summer chore list for your kids. Olivia (12) and Gabi (10) have been doing these chores at the lake for four years; they started at 8 and 6 years old. Yes, teach your kids to work.

Here’s their chore list:

  • Towels: wash, fold and put away --- including bathroom towels and boat towels.

  • Bedding: strip all beds, wash sheets, and remake beds.  

  • Dishwasher: load and unload.

  • Bathroom: clean the main guest bathroom --- toilet, shower, floors, sink, and mirror.

  • Garbage: empty and bring the can down the road.

This is their weekly list. We finish all chores on Monday morning once all of our guests have departed for home. By Monday afternoon, the girls are back in the lake and loving life.  

Yes, kids can do laundry, make beds, and "earn their keep". It is important the girls understand we are fortunate to live at the lake and have so many friends who visit all summer long, but that it takes work from all of us to keep the ship running (and for mom to not lose her mind!).

Yes, their chore schedule is different in the school year when we are at home. More on that after we soak up every day at the lake.  

I'd love to hear from you: what chores make your kids’ list?


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