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What to do when you don't feel like doing it

Running a business is tough sometimes, right? Welcome to the real world.

Here is my formula to get back to the grind:

  1. Take a quick break.  A walk with Gus does wonders for my mind and my mood.

  2. Change your environment. Change your surroundings. Switch it up: move from your office to the kitchen counter. Go outside to the patio. Hit up a coffee shop.

  3. Listen. I listen to a favorite audiobook and get to work. For 30 minutes (no longer than an hour), take time to journal, blog, get busy, etc.

  4. Talk. Get on the phone.

The bottom line is this: if you only work, create, and grow when you feel like it, you won’t grow personally or professionally. Isn't the goal to do both? I am always looking to grow personally and professionally.

Ask yourself: how tough am I? Listen to some tough love books about mindset. Trust me, you will realize you are not tough at all. I’ve learned this from personal experience. Apply the lessons in the books.For my long list, check out my Favorite Things post.

Do you teach your kids the same principles? I always tell my kids that, as a family, we always do the right thing and we always tackle the hard things first. We choose the hard things; we choose to get shit done and to create results.   

Do you feel like pulling yet another terrible driver out of the ditch? Nope! But I do it all damn winter: first, to be a good human, but more importantly, to show my girls that we always do the right thing. I hope karma will pay off in the future and that when one of my girls needs help, someone will stop to help them. This example is no different than showing my girls the example of doing the work it takes to grow my business.

Toughen up buttercup and get your ass to work, even when you don't feel like it. Follow the four steps above!


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