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What you don't want to hear.

Are you a leader?

Do you want to grow your business? Your team? YOURSELF?

If so, you must get comfortable with hearing and SPEAKING what people don't want to hear.  You have to be okay being lonely. This subject is often avoided and I think that is a big mistake. If you only tell people what they want to hear, you will never reach your full potential. You must be willing to tell people what they don't want to hear so they can push, grow, and gain experience and confidence.  

Leadership is not a popularity contest. You must be ready to feel alone, often. Take off the friendship hat and put on the business hat in order to help people get ruthless with their results. You can do this with kindness and with good intentions. But, sometimes, you have to get tough!

Think about it this way: do you want the truth or do you want fluff? I want the truth, no fluff! I push myself to do the activity, day-in and day-out, to earn my results. I don’t want to BS with people on my team; I want to give and receive constructive criticism.

When you hire a coach, follow a leader, or become a leader yourself, get ready for the truth. Prepare yourself to feel uncomfortable. Step out, raise your hand, and ask someone to kick your ass. We all need it; we all need to be open to it. Girl, you are not alone!

Who needs to step up their game? Who is ready to hear what they don't want to hear? Are you ready for the results like never before?


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