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Where to start

I get it: you just attended a great convention, company training, or personal development conference and you are on FIRE!

But then you get home and there is SO much to do: kids, laundry, grocery store, unpacking.

You learned so much and you can't wait to apply it to every single area of your life.

And then, you do nothing.

You are tired. You are overwhelmed. You don't know where to start. You need time to recover, think, and overanalyze.

You need to stop.

Don't waste the time, energy, and money you invested and do nothing with it. Take a day, get your life and house back in order, and then, create your action plan.

No excuses.

Here’s the most important part: the plan must be small. Focus on ONE – yes, one – nugget, area, or ah-ha moment and get obsessed with nailing just that one for the next 90 days.

Put your notes to the side. Pull them out AFTER you master just this one area.

Laser focus on one. Share it. Declare it. Call a family meeting (yep, I'm serious) and focus in on how you will make this happen. Resolve that NOTHING will get in your way, no matter what.

This obsession is what it takes to be successful.

That’s it! Keep it that simple. I'd love to hear from you: what is the ONE area you will crush?


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