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Women empowering women.

It’s a popular catchphrase – but what does it really mean? And, more importantly, what does it mean to YOU?

Empowerment creates power in people – in their lives and in their communities. Women’s empowerment equips and allows women to make life-determining decisions.

Empowerment in the workplace is:

  • Finding ways to amplify the female voice.

  • Diversifying leadership by promoting women.

  • Establishing goals for improving gender diversity.

  • Paying equal wages for equal work and equal experience.

  • Promoting equitable parental leave policies.

Female empowerment can be categorized into five main parts: social, educational, economic, political, and psychological.

We can empower women by:

  • Providing the ticket to education: clean water.

  • Supporting girls and women in crisis.

  • Mentoring young girls.

  • Investing in small business owners.

  • Ending preventable deaths of mothers and children.

  • Helping new moms.

  • Caring for other women.


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