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Disney Cruise

For spring break 2018, we took our three girls on a seven-night Disney cruise. As I shared in my post about the Aulani resort, I am NOT a big Disney person. I heard, however, that this cruise is a MUST if you have kids.

We chose the Disney Fantasy Eastern Caribbean Cruise and it did not disappoint. Let me repeat: THIS WAS AMAZING. At the time of our trip, our girls were 10, 8, and 2. All three of them would tell you it was their favorite trip to date. My husband would also tell you that it was great and that he would do it again. It is important to note: we are not Disney people and we are not cruise people, at all. Rog gets motion sickness; but he did great on the cruise.

Here’s the TOP 10 reasons you need to book your cruise, ASAP:

1. The cleanliness of the ship. It is pristine!

2. The staff. What can I say? Disney knows customer service.

3. The kids’ clubs. There’s truly something for every kid, every age, 12+ hours a day.

4. The adult-only areas. Yep, they have them!

5. The "Aqua-Duck" water slide. I lost count of the laps my girls made over seven days.

6. The character experiences were out of this world. So many opportunities for photos, dancing, and fun.

7. The shows. We went to six nights of shows and we ALL loved them.

8. The food is out of this world! There is food for everyone’s preference. And, did I mention they take care of the kids? They cut their food so you don't have to!

9. The spa. Book an appointment!

10. Disney's private island, Castaway Cay. This might be #10, but this was my favorite day of the week. Truly amazing and a must-see for everyone!

Top tips:

2. Book your character breakfast for the littles on Day 1.

3. Don't over-book with excursions, etc. We only did one and that was plenty!

4. Do the early dining option with kids. You can go to the early show right after dinner.

5. Get rooms toward the back of the ship: less movement.

6. Don't buy the water bottles on board; you don't need them.

7. Get a balcony. It’s worth every, single penny.

8. Fly in a day early.

9. Fly out a day after you come to port.

I know we will go again; we loved it so much! Even me, your no-cruise, not-a-Disney-fan lady!


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