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I'll be happy when...

I’ll be happy when…

…I make enough money.

…have my dream house.

…can buy the home at the beach.

…when I get married.

…when I have kids.

…once I get divorced.

…find a new job.

...get a raise.

…get a promotion.

Admit it: you know in your head when you will be happy. My question for you is this: do you understand that you will never be truly happy? We keep moving the needle forward. Enough money always becomes more and more money; the dream house changes; relationships evolve. True happiness is not the goal in life. The goal in life is to find JOY, focus on JOY, and understand that when you are truly joyful, you enjoy the process and you don't need to focus on the when of life.

It is so vitally important to understand (especially for our children) that joy is a state of being. The state of JOY creates more and more happiness. If we understand that JOY is the goal, we focus on joy. We understand that we can make ourselves happy. No person, child, or amount of money will make you happy. Happiness is up to you and you only.

Joy is a process of doing the damn work that it takes to become YOU. Check out my post titled “How To Find Out Who You Really Are” for more.

Another thing that we talk about on “Live from the Laundry Room” is gratitude. Gratitude leads to joy and reciprocates over and over again. 

Go for joy! Enjoy the process and understand that you can choose happy, every damn day along the journey. 


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