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Lunch Hacks for Kids

Do your kids get tired of the same ol’ cold sandwich? Do they call hot lunch food barfola? If your kids don’t do either of those things, consider yourself lucky!

I’m always on the hunt for ways to keep lunch healthy and interesting. Here’s a few tips we’ve come to love:

1. Soups. I’ve shared a couple of recipes here on the blog. My kids love soup; it’s homemade, healthy, and warm. The girls enjoy soup all winter long. Check out the chicken enchilada soup or bison veggie soup for a couple of our favorites.

2. Yogurt with granola in a frozen container (thanks, Amazon!).

3. Olivia’s favorite: single-serve guacamole packs from Costco, plus a bag of pretzels.

4. Gabi’s favorite: single-serve hummus packs (again, Costco!), plus fresh veggies.

5. Leftovers. Sounds simple, right? I make extra when we have tacos or enchiladas --- easy to take the next day in a thermos. I’ll often make taco bowls, no shell --- just toss everything in the thermos. Easy AND the girls love it!

I’d love to hear how you keep lunches healthy AND maintain your sanity. Oh, and in true Marissa-fashion of keeping it real: Rog packs all the lunches. I haven’t packed a school lunch in 10 years! He’s a keeper!


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