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Content is KING

Content is King

To build an online presence in any industry, you must understand that content is KING. What do I mean? When working online, website material is crucial. Additionally, a strong presence across several social media platforms is essential for success.

In an essay from 1996, Bill Gates explained that online success hinges on the quality of content. Content must meet the demands of your followers. You must make sure to optimize your content for search engines such as Google.

So, how do you do this?

  1. Be unique.

  2. Find your target market and focus on their unique needs.

  3. Make your site reader-friendly and smartphone-friendly.

  4. Be engaging, fun, entertaining, and informative, always.

  5. Write a blog.

  6. Create a following (think: sign-up, enroll, engage).

  7. Become an expert.

  8. Create a fan base and earn shares, likes, and comments. Don't be afraid to ask. We all start somewhere!

Remember, you MUST create meaningful content that consumers want. Make sure to check out my post about building a personal brand and tie the two together.

Here’s to you and your content!


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