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Why haven't you been successful?

“Marissa, I need you to coach me. I’ve tried X, Y, and Z and I’m not seeing success.”

I hear this from people all the time!

Stop the bus right there. Here’s the truth: 75 percent of the time, it’s not the company or the product that’s failing you, it is YOU who’s failing you.

Read that again.

Yep, YOU are the problem.

Remember: I told you I am willing to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear!

You must identify why YOU haven’t been successful before we can create a plan for future success.

Answer these ten questions to get started:

1. How hard are you working? Now, get real here. I am talking about the activity required to get results. I’m not talking about thinking about it; I’m talking about pounding the pavement and doing the work!

2. Have you been willing to take risks? If so, list them. Then ask yourself: is that really a risk?

3. When things get hard, do you give up? Do you shut down? Or do you get fired up to do more?

4. Do you think you have already failed? You must put in one year, at minimum, of solid work toward your goal before you deem yourself a failure.

5. What are you trying that’s new? Are you doing the same things, over and over, expecting a different result?

6. How do you educate yourself? Are you committed to personal and professional development, every, single day?

7. Are your goals set? Are they written down? Are they defined? Have you declared them to someone who cares? Have you broken out the ACTION steps to achieve these goals?

8. What have you learned from your mistakes?

9. Do you ask for help? Are you coachable? Who are you spending time with?

10. Are you in your own way? Are you afraid of success? Are you afraid of failure?


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